Starting college was never something Juliet Conway (Jennifer Lawrence) looked forward to. Growing up in a small town, she’s never been too far away from her parents. When her best friend, Angela Banks (Dianna Agron) gets accepted to the same school, Juliet thought college was going to be a breeze. But once the girls settle into college life, everything changes. Angela starts getting invited to parties, and Juliet is scared she’s going to lose her best friend. Terrified, she starts spreading lies to keep Angela closer. When her lies hit the fan, can their friendship survive or will Angela leave Juliet behind forever?

shuffle/synopsis meme: asked by nyxie
Kiss N’ Tell (Kesha)

cause on top of all the ways that you messed up you weren’t smart enough to keep your stupid mouth shut i’m so sick of it i’ve had enough i hope you cry i hope you know you gotta go yo, get up and go i don’t wanna know or why you’re gross you gotta go yo, get up and go i don’t wanna know.

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